LIGHT A CANDLE FOR SYRIA...Single in the boat, Daddy at shore ..!!

06 September 2014


Single in the boat, Daddy at shore ..!!

This is a real story of a Syrian emigrant sailed as a single and arrived to the shore as a daddy

It's said that he's from Daraa , but never said from which town or village, he is a young man in the end of the twenties of his age, with a strong muscular body with red hair and handsome face, his story was published in the Swedish newspapers ..


He arrived to Libya 15 days ago via Egypt awaiting with the other Syrians the arrival of the boat which will take them to the Italian shores and from there most of them will continue by road to Sweden, but the smuggler didn't fix a date fearing the security authorities and as he told them there would be a reward for anyone who can give an information about smugglers after the repeated disasters that the emigrants have been exposed to in the sea ..

Two days later the smuggler told them they have to be gathered after two hours at the assembly point at shore for leaving ..

The young man mounted on the boat and other hundreds have done the same whereas most of them were Syrians, the boat sailed and they sat on the boat floor, some of them were from Damascus while one man in the forties with a wife and a little daughter sat opposite to him, the daughter was crying from time to time and her mother was feeding her to make her sleep. The time passed when he came to know later they were from Idlib and the girl is 14 months old. when the sunset came and the darkness spread the boat began suddenly rising and falling, the women were crying when the water was hitting the boat, the boat inclined to the right, they all of them fell on each other, then inclined to the left to throw some of them in the air outside the boat, when the third hit came they heard the wood breaking while water entered from all directions ..

Many people couldn't hold any piece of wood and were swallowed by the sea, and our young man was the same when luckily he held a piece of wood and many others did the same.

A few minutes later he found himself floating while others were crying when he saw the little child crying and floundering in the water, he then picked her up and put her beside himself .. He calmed himself down and decided to be patient while somebody was encouraging them to be steady.

The darkness was completely covering the scene and many people were calm 'cause they knew they have to save their energy meanwhile somebody would discover their location..

Hours were heavy and slowly passing for all of them and our young man was descending to the water for some times to give space to the little girl of 14 months while she kept on crying ..

With the first hours of dawn there came the hope and the rescue teams arrived to the site and the young man was eager to know if the girl parents were still alive ..

On the shore he started to look for the couple, parents of the child and stayed waiting for more survivors or anyone of them at least but in vain, the girl was sleeping and they fed her with some milk when woke up, but again she came to sleep because of fatigue ..

Our young man stayed for two days in the emigration center and they started recording the names as per the followed procedures, he decided not to leave the child and told the authorities it's his child .. Hours later he was heading with many others to the north, to Milan and from there his journey to Sweden will start .. There he would find a new life with his new little beautiful daughter who called her (Hayat = Life) .. God Almighty saved them both to live a new happy life in that new and far country.

By: Samir Matini,   Translated into English by: Muhannad Al Boshi

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